Yoga to get rid of neck and shoulder pain from sleeping wrong

Yoga to get rid of neck and shoulder pain from sleeping wrong

Sleep is the body’s mechanism to repair and heal itself; But at times one can experience debilitating pain in the neck and shoulders after getting up from sleep. This can either be due to an awkward angle of the neck or head which can stress and stretch ligaments, muscles and joints or sudden movements during sleep which can sprain or strain the neck. Stress and strain on the muscles can cause various types of pain such as tension headaches, weakness in the arms, pain and tingling in the neck and shoulders. While medication can help one get rid of the pain temporarily, yoga happens to be the best approach to treating neck and shoulder pain caused by sleeping improperly. Yoga prevents any kind of additional strain, but provides the body with intense physical activity that helps to stay active and keep moving.

Correct posture for sleeping

There are basically 2 sleeping positions that are easiest on the shoulders and neck: on the back or on the side. It is best to use a flat pillow to cushion your head and use a neck roll to support the curvature of your neck while lying flat on your back. It is always better to avoid a stiff or high pillow as it can keep the neck bent during sleep, resulting in stiffness and pain after standing up.

Yoga poses to relieve neck and shoulder pain

Whether you’re looking to get rid of neck and shoulder pain from sleeping incorrectly or sitting at your desk for long hours, here are some yoga poses that can provide relief if practiced on a daily basis.

Cat-cow pose

This is what you do:

● Come on, all four of you

● Make sure your wrists are under your shoulders and your knees are under your hips.

● Keep the balance equal on all fours

● Breathe in as you look up and let your stomach drop to the floor

● Exhale and tuck your chin into your chest and pull your navel towards your spine

● Repeat a few times and relax

The position strengthens and stretches the neck and shoulders.

Standing Forward Bend Pos

This is what you do:

● Stand in mountain position

● Breathe in as you raise your arms

● Bend forward as you exhale, pull your stomach in

● Place your hand on the floor and let your head hang

● Keep your neck relaxed

● Hold the position for a few seconds and release gently

It relieves tension from the neck, spine and back and also keeps the spine flexible and strong.

Sphinx pose

● Lie on your stomach with your toes flat on the floor and your forehead resting on the mat

● Extend your hand in front with your palms facing down

● While inhaling, slowly lift your head, chest and abdomen

● The navel should touch the mat

● Pull your upper body backwards and with the support of your arms, off the mat

● Keep your feet together and breathe gently

● Hold for a while and release

It expands the chest and shoulders. It also strengthens the spine and neck.

Child’s pose

This is what you do:

● Sit on your heels, bend forward and lower your forehead to the mat

● Stretch your arms forward with your palms facing down

● Press the chest on the thighs

● Hold the position for a few seconds and release

It relaxes the back and spine and relieves stress on the shoulders.

Legs up the wall Pose

This is what you do:

● Lie on your back close to a wall

● The buttocks should touch the wall

● Lift your legs up against the wall and rest your arms at your sides

● Breathe deeply and hold the position for a minute or two

It relaxes the neck and shoulders and helps with back pain.

Last word

It is always a good idea to sleep on your back or side in a well-supported position. Practicing yoga on a regular basis is also the key to maintaining good flexibility in the body and avoiding cramps and pain.

Spokesperson: Mr. Pratap Dash Senior Yoga Teacher, Jindal Naturecure Institute

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