Where can I find the latest London map?

Familiarizing yourself with the latest tube map can help you navigate the capital if services are disrupted. (Image: Getty Images)

Getting around the capital can be difficult, and whether you’re new to the city or facing travel disruption (potentially due to industrial action), familiarizing yourself with the London Underground network can help you get ahead of any problems you may encounter.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of resources available to you.

Transport for London has an app called Tfl Go which offers a map of the Tube network and live updates on the Tube and bus services.

If you’re looking at travel details in advance, you may want to check out the TfL Journey Planner, which provides more options for making your journey, including bike hire and nearby taxi ranks.

Whether technological issues prevent you from using online options or you just prefer to have a physical map in hand, here’s the easiest way to get the latest tube maps.

Where can I find the latest London map?

Transport for London publishes the latest tube maps on a dedicated section of their website.

While you might think there was only one tube map on offer, many variations highlight different factors along the network, such as the tube guide to avoid stairs. Both day and night tube maps are available.

epa10128695 People wait for buses outside Victoria Station in London, Britain, 19 August 2022. Commuters have been hit by yet another underground strike causing huge traffic disruptions to the capital.  This comes after weeks of strikes on and off the subway and national railways.  EPA/ANDY RAIN

There are 272 London Underground stations across the capital. (Image: EPA)

All are available as a PDF download and an interactive tube map is also available on the website.

The maps listed for download include:

  • Tube map
  • Large print pipe map in colour
  • Large printed pipe map in black and white
  • Stepless pipe guide
  • Avoid stairs Tubeguide
  • Takes cycles on the TfL network
  • Pipe map showing tunnels
  • Walking times between stations (zone 1-2)
  • Street-level steps between stations (zones 1-2)
  • Walking times between stations, including National Rail (zones 1-3)
  • Toilet facilities Pipe map

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