Weight Loss: Tom Hardy’s Transformation into The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane Will Motivate You Hugely!

British actor Tom Hardy is one of the leading actors in Hollywood who has stunned everyone with spectacular roles. Still, his workout routine, especially his amazing transformation for the role of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, has kept everyone very intrigued. Having to pull himself together in a short amount of time to take on the role of Bane is nothing short of a miraculous transformation.

Let’s take a look at how Tom Hardy managed to completely transform into his character.

How much did Tom Hardy get paid for his role?
The actor gained over 30lb, which is over 13kg for his role as Bane. He managed to gain so much weight in a short time – over 3 months – by following circuit training that involved his essential body parts where he could gain muscle.

What is the circuit training that Tom went for?
Tom chose a workout that has seven, then five and finally three repetitions:

The square: 10, seven, five, three reps

One must place the hands in such a way that they are “square” with the shoulders. Keep your elbows tucked in as you move along your torso to detonate your triceps.

The rectangle: 10, seven, five, three reps

Place your hands wide apart so that your chest, arms and floor form a rectangle.

The eagle: 10, seven, five, three reps

One must place the hands far apart, then spread the fingers while lowering the body and then turn them outwards.

The King: 10, seven, five, three reps

Assume a knee press position with both arms held shoulder width apart. You then have to lower your chest to the floor while allowing your elbows to bend backwards like a grasshopper’s leg.

Tom also went for an intense 4-day-a-week program that focused on arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs and abs.

The actor had to look as big as possible for his role as Bane. Tom had revealed that he was already overweight at the time, nearly 90kg when they shot the film.

What was Tom’s food intake during his role preparation?

While preparing for the role, Tom had to eat as much pizza as he could. In addition to that, he was given a strict diet plan to follow which had a number of supplements he had to take. Some of them included:

Whey Protein: This builds muscle growth as it repairs the muscle and prevents intense soreness after exercise.

Creatine: This increases muscle mass and helps the muscles to recover faster while increasing muscle strength.

Pre-Workout Supplement: This improves the body’s performance levels and improves endurance.

Protein bars: This is a tasty protein source that improves muscle mass.

Multivitamins: It is necessary to take care of the body’s nutrition. Therefore, the additional multivitamins can improve this intake.

Tom also had to eat a variety of protein-rich dishes that could get bulky and ready to take on the character of Bane in no time. These included adequate amounts of rice, vegetables, fruit, chicken, tuna, milk and oats.

Isn’t it interesting how Tom completely transformed himself? If you want to know about some of your favorite celebrity transformations for their roles, let us know in the comments section below!

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