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What is it? An interactive series about the ups and downs of being a 20-year-old in LA, and the creation of the virtual band OFK
Expect to pay: $20/£18
Create OFK
Publisher: Create OFK
Reviewed on: Windows 10, Intel i5-10500H, 16 GB, RTX 3060 (laptop)
Multiplayer? no
Link: ofk.cool (opens in a new tab)

We Are OFK’s biggest flaw comes off the hook: The game exists to launch OFK as a music project. It’s the fictional origin story of a “real” virtual band (think Riot’s K/DA musical group). The songs have to work as stand-alone commercial hits, leading to compromises that wouldn’t be made for a regular OST, all while the act itself goes out of its way to criticize such compromises as inauthentic. The characters are also a product that the game is trying to sell: It wants me to like them, support them, and project myself onto them.

We Are OFK is focused on the band’s formation in a pastel-heavy LA, and has minimal interaction. Sporadic dialogue options share insight into a character’s thoughts or feelings, but do not affect anything outside of the moment. There will be two different ways to call someone a jerk, or three different ways to get hyped about boba, but you’re still stuck with “jerk” and “yay boba.” The story is divided into five episodes that are approximately one hour long each, and will be released weekly along with a single and music video.

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