Top Blockchain Exchange Partners with Ukrainian boxing legend Usyk

Europe is the second largest cryptocurrency market with over 38 million users, which can be attributed to the large presence of crypto trading platforms in the region. These European-based exchanges aim to dominate the crypto world by engaging other prominent industries such as finance, media, health, sports and many more to attract more participants in the digital currency space.

Partnership with Ukrainian boxing icon

One of the leading crypto platforms ready to exploit in the European market is QMALL. Børsen recently announced a collaboration with the Ukrainian boxing champion and star athlete Oleksandr Usyk. The joint efforts and support from Ukraine of QMALL and Oleksandr Usyk will show the union of the two leading brands to viewers around the world.

With a common goal of pushing the Ukrainian market to the international arena, the champion will take to the fight stage wearing QMALL-branded merchandise before exchanging blows with former world boxing champion Anthony Joshua on August 20.

Interestingly, boxing is among the most watched sports in the world, with over 2 million spectators, most of whom are young people. Therefore, the partnership between QMALL and Usyk will promote the crypto brand and connect younger audiences in Europe and beyond.

Due to the success rate of collaboration between sports and crypto platforms, over $3 billion has gone into sports sponsorship in 2021 alone. Therefore, QMALL aims to break down the complications of crypto to an average European young trader who wants to know more about digital assets.

Why QMALL is the Next Level European Cryptocurrency Exchange

QMALL is an innovative crypto platform with a European license that allows it to explore other European markets, expand its geography and capabilities and start working with a new scope.

In addition, the license will enable the European-based exchange to gain access to more opportunities and reach more active target groups.

Headquartered in Ukraine, the blockchain platform creates innovative procurement products that make the payment process and accounting of cash and non-cash payments simple and convenient. QMALL has also integrated the Euro into its trading platforms, allowing users to trade with the European currency.

Users can shop:


In addition, QMALL has become one of the most trusted crypto platforms in the European market. Over 300 thousand European traders continue to exchange their digital assets for cash and other cryptocurrencies safely and efficiently. Some of QMALL’s features include:

Low transaction fees: Users can enjoy trading commissions based on the trading pair, from 0 to 0.5%. Depending on the currency, commissions for deposits and withdrawals can vary from 0 to 2%.

Safety: Users do not need to worry about the security of their assets because 98% of funds are stored offline, preventing them from hackers. Furthermore, QMALL uses automatic DDoS protection, creates daily backups and enables 2FA for all users.

Exciting user experience: QMALL breaks down complicated trading functions into simple steps for new and experienced users. The platform offers advanced charting capabilities to enable traders to visualize orders, positions and price alerts.

More development for the future

Founded by Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa, QMALL has grown rapidly in recent years.

QMALL plans to unveil QPad, the largest launchpad for new European cryptocurrency projects, in September. This launch pad will be available to crypto startups from different countries and the project will be shown in collaboration with the French counterpart of Silicon Valley, Sophia Antipolis.

Crypto startups can launch their projects to a community of 100,000 users who can create the hype and implement the project goals after the launch. In turn, users can buy project tokens at the unveiling and earn a high profit.

In addition, this update will allow exchange users to invest with the native token of the platform, QMALL, which will provide rewards to holders and influence the value in the crypto market. Furthermore, the crypto platform is currently developing the first Ukrainian crypto bank, crypto card and the world’s first meta crypto exchange.

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