Today’s Wordle 421 answers and hints: Sunday 14 August

You’ll find a clue to help you solve today’s Wordle just a little scroll away, and if you continue you’ll see the answer to the August 14th (421) puzzle right below it. I can also offer you a wide range of tips as well as links to our Wordle guides too – whatever you need to help you solve your daily Wordle game, it’s here.

I’ve discovered nothing more frustrating than losing a game of Wordle, and that’s the feeling of a much better guess popping up the moment I hit the Enter key on my keyboard. Add further irritation when what I could have entered turns out to be the correct answer as well. Seeing those letters flip and knowing I had the answer and didn’t write it out is nothing short of pain.

Word hint

Word of the day: A hint for Sunday 14 August

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