The first look at del Toro’s Curiosities Cabinet is magically macabre

The first look at del Toro’s Curiosities Cabinet is magically macabre

A master of horror offers a first look at some of the twisted nightmares and violent delights of his new anthology series, Guillermo del Toro’s curiosities.

Halloween may be the longest thing on your mind during the dog days of August, but a new teaser for Netflix’s new anthology series, Guillermo del Toro’s curiosities– plus the release of several simultaneously gorgeous and horrifying images – puts us in a lot more frisson-seeking state of mind. Nobody does horror like del Toro, and this anthology looks very worthy of his reputation.

First announced in 2018, the series features eight episodes written and directed by filmmakers handpicked by del Toro. “In this anthology, we gave ownership of each episode to the directors,” he says in the first teaser. “Each of the episodes has a whole world. They give you different delights. Some are tasty, some are sweet. You get a surprise from each of the pieces.”

The list of directors includes Jennifer Kent, who directed 2014’s Phenomenal Babadook; her episode, “The Murmuring,” is based on an original story by del Toro and features Babadook star, Essie Davis (aka Miss Fisher). “Dreams in the Witch House,” based on an HP Lovecraft short story, is directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Lords of Dogtown, Twilight).

“Graveyard Rats” is directed by Vincenzo Natali (In the tall grass, Splice), while Guillermo Navarro (Narcos) directed “Lot 36”, also based on an original story by del Toro. Keith Thomas (Fire starter) directed “Pickman’s Model”, another episode based on a Lovecraft short story; David Prior (The Empty Man) directed “The Oduction”; Panos Cosmatos (Mandy) directed “The Viewing”; and Ana Lily Amirpour – who directed the exquisite A girl walks alone at home at night-directed “The Outside.”

There are quite a few voices and artistic styles, bolstered by a star-studded cast that includes Rupert Grint, Ben Barnes, Crispin Glover, Peter Weller, Kate Micucci, Nia Vardalos, David Hewlett, Demetrius Grosse, Sebastian Roche, F. Murray Abraham, Hannah Galway , Steve Agee and Michael Therrialt, among others.

The fact that the series also features the kind of impressive atmospheric visual effects del Toro is known for is the cherry on top. “We wanted to create beautiful practical creatures with all the artistry that goes into creating a great monster,” says del Toro in the teaser. “We achieved some of the most remarkable images in the series. With The curiosity cabinetwhat I’m trying to say is ‘Look, the world is beautiful and horrible at the exact same time.

Guillermo del Toro’s curiosities will be released on Netflix over a four-day event. Two episodes will be released on October 25, 2022, with two more episodes released each day through October 28, 2022.

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