Spending two weeks behind enemy lines in Metal Gear Solid 5

The rules

1. Two weeks in the game to collect information on most Soviet outposts.
2. Try to find as many senior officers as possible.
3. Just observe. The Soviet army can never know I was there.

This is a debrief report from Flaming Buffalo (I was late to the code name mission), from reconnaissance in the Soviet Army controlled region of Afghanistan. I was given two weeks to navigate and gather as much information as possible about the USSR presence before Big Boss’ arrival. He’s a busy guy, you know – it’s not like he can be in two places at once. after all.

I was put in by helicopter at 1800 near Spugmay Keep at the region’s southernmost point, with the intention of navigating the entire outer edge. On foot I made my way to the nearest small guard post, where I planted myself on a ridge with a view from above. I spent an entire day watching this meager camp to learn what I could about their operation, and let me tell you, these Soviet soldiers are a disciplined bunch. They hardly sleep, hardly talk and certainly don’t take breaks. When the only sandstorm of my two-week excursion rolled in, they barely budged. If we find out they are all robots, I wouldn’t be surprised.

(Image credit: Konami)

Heading north I came to a larger settlement called Da Shago Kallai with a dozen or so soldiers, although something I would come to learn is pretty standard across their profession is the use of decoys. This time I planted myself in an abandoned house on the outskirts of town, which was useful for its proximity and great views, but also because it made it a little easier to rest and pass the time.

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