Soul Hackers 2 review – amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people

From the very beginning, Soul Hackers 2 makes it clear that it’s not interested in wasting time. Within the first two hours of booting up Atlus’ latest JRPG, you’ll have all of your key party members, know the main points of the story, and have a grasp of almost all of the primary game mechanics. It’s a refreshing and stark contrast to the “slow-burn” type of gameplay JRPGs are known for, and a completely different approach than fans of the larger Shin Megami Tensei series may be used to. It’s clear, then, that the goal of Soul Hackers 2 is to forge a new SMT sub-series with a distinct approach to gameplay – a goal it largely succeeds in.

In the future, humanity is stuck in a rut: Technological and social progress has stalled, and humanity faces a kind of global ennui. Beneath the outer structure of society, however, groups of gifted people who can communicate with the supernatural world underground work as “Devil Summoners”. Some, like the Yatagarasu Organization, aim to use their powers to protect humanity, while the cruel Phantom Society aims for global destruction. In the midst of this conflict, Aion – a sentient artificial intelligence born from the collective of networked digital knowledge – gives form to two physical “agents”, Ringo and Fugue, and sends them on a mission to save the world from certain destruction.