Screenshot Saturday Mondays: swarming chandelier murders

Every weekend, indie developers showcase their current work on Twitter #screenshot Saturday keywords. And every Monday I give you a selection of these snaps and clips. This weekend I was caught up in mysterious chandelier murder, a bumpy train ride and lots of good colors. Come and look!

If your game has violence and chandeliers, I should be able to perform violence using chandeliers. First-person shooter Dad By The Sword (coming to Steam, from the studio behind Death Road To Canada) understands this:

A charming bumpy train ride in Podvarak, a game says the developer is “about surviving under war sanctions, based on my memories of 90s Yugoslavia.”

I am of course very interested in procedural cycling animations. If you’re curious about how it all works, the developer explained more in a thread


After looking at other screenshots of the adventure game The 22nd Is Serda. f0a178 (coming to Steam and Itch, and yes that’s the full name), I’m not sure if this is a screenshot or artwork or composite or… I’m happy to be unsure when I look at this.

Complex sensors in the space game Hyperscape (not to be confused with the Ubisoft Battle Royale FPS, Hyper Scape):

Sci-fantasy scenes from the adventure game Blood Nova (coming to Steam):

I appreciate the attention to sonic detail in The Stray Laboratory (demo up at Itch):

Precision violence in stabby rogue-like Mortal Sin (coming to Steam):

I think the checked details are inspired by chess, not ska, in the dungeon crawler Exodus Checkmate (coming to Itch):

A wonderfully horrific scene from the survival horror game After Hell Freezes Over:

And loads of particles from explore-o-puzzler Particle Hearts (coming to Steam):

What else caught your eye this weekend, dear reader?

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