Saddle Finance redefines fixed asset trading with simplicity and security

Are you ready to sell up?

A decentralized financial platform built to facilitate efficient trading between associated cryptoassets is now one of the most prominent names on the Ethereum blockchain.

Saddle Finance, an automated market maker (AMM), develops solutions to eliminate roadblocks associated with the spread between stablecoins and tokenized cryptoassets.

At the crosshairs of Saddle’s team of engineers and software developers is a path that sets the company apart from the competition and offers users distinctive and unmatched value.

One of Saddle’s principles is to place a premium on teamwork. The Saddle team is committed to building a powerful DeFi brick and helping DeFi teams bring connected asset exchanges to any blockchain or L2 through partnerships with other top tier financial companies.

Saddle Finance: Built by experts, for the masses

Saddle is developed by DeFi specialists with illustrious credentials at major Web2 companies such as Amazon, Square and Uber. As a regular DeFi user, Saddle has personally seen how important an active and dynamic community is to the success of a project. Saddle Finance is for everyone!

Saddle has the resources to dominate the competition and is backed by some of the biggest names in the DeFi industry. It has secured a total of USD 11.8 million in capital, with among others Polychain Capital, Framework Ventures and Electric Capital leading the way.

SDL Governance Token: Freedom To Propose & Improvise

The Saddle Finance ecosystem governance token is labeled the $veSDL token. With $veSDL, users can propose and vote on changes to the Saddle ecosystem’s development and improvisation. The platform recently concluded the first earning stage for SDL, which gives token holders access to their so far locked tokens to trade, trade and participate in staking pools to earn $veSDL for participation in community governance. In addition to the voting rights, $veSDL holders also become eligible to receive a portion of trading fees as SDL/FRAX LP tokens, participate in airdrops of tokens belonging to other protocols that are part of Saddle’s liquidity pools and more.

Saddle facilitates low-cost, low-friction trades with little slippage to help users maximize their earnings. Saddle’s interface guarantees that all users can navigate without problems at all times.

Saddle Finance: Trust validated and recommended by top security companies

Saddle has recently introduced Frax, the USDC base pool (saddleFRAXBP) in continuation of its existing partnership with the fractional algorithmic stablecoin project. It will soon be followed by the expansion of Saddle’s pools across four different chains. Apart from Ethereum, the other three supported protocols include Optimism, Arbitrum and Fantom.

Among the upcoming pools are saddleFRAXUSDT, saddleFRAXsUSD and saddleFRAXalUSD on Ethereum; saddleFRAXUSDT and saddleFRAXsUSD on optimism; saddleFRAXUSDT and saddleFRAXUSDs on Arbitrum; and saddleFRAXUSDT and saddleFRAXalUSD on the Fantom protocol. These pools are the logical extension of Saddle Finance’s previously incentivized pools that supported USDC, USDT, Frax, nUSD and MIM.

Leading blockchain security firms, such as Certik, OpenZeppelin and Quantstamp, have audited and secured the Saddle protocol. Therefore, trust, security and performance have never been a concern.

What the experts say: Positive reviews

According to a recent online review, Saddle is “one of the most secure platforms” as its developers and management team make the security of user assets a top priority.

“Saddle finance is an excellent investment, not only for inexperienced crypto traders, but for anyone who intends to use the platform. It is one of the safest!” noted the reviewer.

In an article by “Mr. Decentralized” published on the PublishOX website last month, the author stated that in these uncertain times when so many new projects are sprouting up, “you will be in good hands with Saddle Finance developers.”

“They (developers) come from different Web 2.0 companies and are now also building the foundation for Web 3.0,” Mr. Decentralized said.

Indeed, there are many things to enjoy and benefit from with Saddle Finance. A positive review is all you need to be guaranteed confidence, performance and great results.

So let’s all SDL up and enjoy the ride.

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