Play a swaggering fox-headed rentier in this reverse Kerbal

As developer Beard Envy prepares to show me Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop, I realize that I actually have no idea what this game is about. I had been drawn in by the incredibly vague trailer, claiming a surreal kaleidoscopic vibe straight out of Cartoon Network’s renaissance.

As a complete sucker for those things, I was curious, yet worried that that would be where my interest ended. It turned out I had nothing to worry about. As if the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop is about spaceships in some distant South American future, fixing them up and paying rent in the hopes that Uncle Chop won’t outright kill Wilbur, the humble repairman you play as . He’s a strange little guy, a kind of human with a multi-eyed fox head who can fart his way up ships to reach every nook and cranny. Each day provides eight minutes to repair as many ships as possible. Choose a job, wait for the ship to come down and go to work.

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