NFL: Roger Goodell sends shout-out to staff ahead of ‘historic moment’ as Prime deal begins

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sends shout-out to his staff ahead of ‘historic moment in NFL history’ as Amazon Prime’s exclusive $13.2 billion Thursday Night Football deal kicks off

  • Roger Goodell said the league “broke new ground” with the Amazon deal
  • The media and technology giant will show 15 regular season games over the next 11 years
  • The Chiefs face the Chargers in a mouth-watering divisional matchup later tonight

Ahead of Thursday’s game between the Chargers and Chiefs — the first NFL game to be broadcast exclusively on a streaming service — NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a rallying message to his staff to commemorate the occasion.

The Chargers’ trip to Kansas City is one of 15 regular-season games this season that will be shown exclusively on Amazon Prime, marking the start of an 11-year, $13.2 billion deal.

And the significance of that is not lost on Goodell.

Roger Goodell hailed the start of the exclusive partnership as a “historic moment”

“Tonight’s game between the Chargers and the Chiefs airing exclusively on Amazon Prime marks a historic moment in NFL history, and you are all a part of it,” Goodell said, according to a memo obtained by New York Post.

“Just as we broke new ground by joining with cable partner ESPN in 1987, adding a fourth broadcast partner in FOX and satellite partner DirecTV in 1994, we’re breaking new ground tonight with our first game on Amazon Prime.

“I am confident that our partnership with one of the most innovative media companies in the market will be good for our fans and the business in general.”

Amazon has partnered with the league to stream 11 Thursday night games since 2017, but they took over the entire package from Fox starting in 2018.

The exclusive Amazon deal was originally set to begin in 2023, but the company and the NFL announced in May 2021 that it would begin a year earlier than planned.

Travis Kelce had 295 receiving yards and two TDs in two games against the Chargers last year

Travis Kelce had 295 receiving yards and two TDs in two games against the Chargers last year

Goodell continued his positive tone as he concluded his message.

“Tonight’s game is also symbolic of what makes the NFL successful — our willingness to test new ideas, innovate and work to always get better,” he said.

Amazon streamed a Week 16 Saturday game in 2020 between the 49ers and Cardinals that was watched by an estimated 11.2 million total viewers and had an average audience of 4.8 million minutes.

Similarly high numbers could be in store for Thursday’s game, as the divisional showdown between San Diego and Kansas City will feature two of the best quarterbacks in the sport, Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes.

Both teams won their Week 1 games and are currently 1-0.

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