Michael Saylor “I’d rather win in fleeting fashion than lose slowly, sell your gold”

  • Microstrategy’s former CEO Michael Saylor pointed out in a recent interview for Stansberry Research that he would rather win in a fleeting way than lose slowly.
  • Saylor goes on to say that the volatility will only affect short-term investors and public companies. Bitcoin has outperformed every single company in the stock market for an extended time frame.

MicroStrategy’s former CEO and noted Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor spoke in a recent interview with Stansberry Researchh that he still believes in Bitcoin in the long term.

According to Saylor, since MicroStrategy adopted the Bitcoin strategy, Bitcoin has clearly outperformed the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Gold, Bond Index and all Big Tech stocks. He says the only stock that has outperformed Bitcoin in this period is Microstrategy’s stock, MSTR.

When asked if he thinks Bitcoin’s volatility is for everyone and some market participants can’t handle the extreme volatility, Saylor gives the answer below.

“The way to think about investing in Bitcoin is that you should only invest what you want to hold for four years or longer; ideally, it’s intergenerational wealth transfer. The metric you want to be staring at is the simple four-year moving average.” If you have a short time frame, it’s going to be a lot more stressful because it’s a volatile asset.”

Saylor continues to highlight that Microstrategy has outperformed all assets, even the prominent big tech companies. He would rather win in a volatile way than lose in a non-volatile way.

Saylor’s reasoning behind Crypto’s recent fall

Saylor is convinced that the events that caused crypto’s recent fall were triggered by the incoming interest rates and the tightening by the Fed. The next catalyst was the great Terra Luna Meltdown, which affected many cryptos. He believes that an algorithmic stablecoin was an accident waiting to happen.

Saylor’s opinion is that these events had to happen to flush out the industry’s bad actors. The market players are now more educated and cautious about banking applications that provide huge returns.

“If you believe in good money, you should sell your gold and buy bitcoin.” Saylor says.

Saylor recently stepped down as CEO of MicroStrategy to focus on Bitcoin

After 33 years as CEO of MicroStrategy, Micheal Saylor recently stepped down to take the role of Executive Chairman. Phong Le, MicroStrategy’s current president, will take on the role of CEO. MicroStrategy’s message to investors was that Saylor will continue to oversee the company’s bitcoin acquisition strategy as chair of the board’s investment committee.

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