Love Capsule: I dated my intern and it was the best relationship of my life!

Love Capsule: I dated my intern and it was the best relationship of my life!

I was working in a publishing house when I first met Sarbh (name changed). He was among the 3 interns who had joined our department in the summer. He looked nerdy and had an athletic build. It started as a mentor-mentee relationship and he would sit with me for hours trying to understand our work process. But much to my surprise, every time I asked him to deliver something, he would do a half-hearted job and then sit with me to correct it. I often wondered how such a sharp boy was unable to do simple tasks.

One day I had an argument with my colleague. She started hurling abuses to scare me and I was so surprised that I couldn’t control my tears. Sarbh suddenly got up from his seat, walked up to me and said ‘please don’t cry, join me outside’. He took me outside the office building and we went to a nearby cafe. We didn’t say a word. I felt like an idiot for letting an intern see me in this vulnerable position. But the fact that he stood up for me in a room full of seniors was enough to melt my heart. He ordered a hot chocolate and asked if I would share with him: “I don’t have much money! This internship pays us poorly.” That statement made me laugh, and that night we sat in one corner of a cafe, sipping hot chocolate with two straws.

Things changed strangely after that day. We didn’t eat lunch together when I ate with my colleagues, but we stole time from the office to spend with each other. Coffee breaks, hot chocolate breaks, smoking breaks. Then one day when we were out, he asked me what I thought of him. I told him that I found him very intelligent and interesting, but I could never understand why he would not put his heart into the work assigned to him. He laughed and told me, “You know why I do it because it gives me a legitimate excuse to sit with you.” I was speechless and it really made me blush and that was the day he proposed and I accepted. His summer vacation ended and he went back to college, but we met daily after work.

Sarbh made me experience life in a completely different way. He was 7 years younger than me and brought a lot of fun, excitement and craziness to my life. He learned to drive during that time and he tricked his driver every day and got the car to the office so he could give me a quick ride while his driver was waiting for him in one corner. He was fearless and he was experimental. We wanted to try new restaurants and he insisted that I not pay every time. “My parents give me enough pocket money to go out with my boyfriend.” It was all a very innocent and sweet time in my life.

Then my parents were in talks about my wedding and when he found out about it, he lost it. He begged me to wait until he finished his master’s degree and found a job. He wanted us to be together forever, but I knew I had to move on. Our families would never have accepted the relationship, regardless of how much we loved each other. It was that time in my life when I put my heart aside and did what my mind led me to do. He kept texting me and clamoring for attention, but I had to take the drastic step.

This year I am celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary and I can confidently say that my relationship with Sarbh was the most beautiful love I have ever had or will ever experience.

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