LandX and KlimaDAO are working together for a carbon-neutral future

LandX and KlimaDAO are working together for a carbon-neutral future

Dubai, UAE, 15 August 2022, Chainwire

LandX is pleased to announce its new partnership with KlimaDAO. LandX Choice joins the Klima Infinity program, which uses a bunch of DeFi technologies to enable organizations to withdraw tokenized carbon credits and verifiably demonstrate that they have offset their carbon footprint.

LandX and KlimaDAO share a common vision of a sustainable future built around regenerative finance. The products are also aligned with tokenization and bridging real-world assets to decentralized finance

Actions speak louder than words, and LandX buys and extracts 400 tonnes of CO2 credits using the Klima Infinity package. Through this initiative, LandX expects to be carbon neutral by 2022 and continue to implement a carbon neutral strategy in the future. The openness of blockchain technology means that LandX’s efforts are transparent and verifiable.

LandX chose KlimaDAO for their carbon offsetting efforts because they are market leaders in chain carbon credits. Their efforts so far have had an effect equivalent to the planting of 89,948 hectares of forest.

LandX Choice, LandX’s initiative to promote responsible land management for a sustainable future, has announced the launch of its first sustainability program. LandX Choice programs are funded with a portion of the protocol fees reinvested in such sustainability programs.

LandX Choice has committed to reinvest in the following areas:

  • training for land operators
  • ESG programs and certification
  • SDG certifications
  • training in financial inclusion
  • agricultural monitoring technology
  • sustainable agricultural tools and equipment

The emerging blockchain sector has the opportunity to disrupt traditional finance and use capital as a tool to solve systemic problems and to regenerate natural environments. As fintech evolves, there is an opportunity to do things better, and in a more fair, open and sustainable way. LandX is leading the way in this new era of sustainable finance.

LandX is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and encourages other organizations in the blockchain sector to do the same. LandX is leading by example and setting the standard for sustainability in the blockchain industry.

Carbon offsetting is a process of using the capital from token purchases to finance green initiatives that offset an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions. Simply put, anyone can calculate how much carbon they use per year and then withdraw carbon credits to offset this impact.

About LandX

LandX is a perpetual commodity bond protocol that provides investors with inflation-protected returns backed by a legal contract secured on underlying farmland. LandX makes perpetual bonds available as a liquid digital asset, offering uncorrelated, inflation-protected diversification.

Learn more and get early access to LandX at:

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About KlimaDAO

KlimaDAO is the center of a new green economy. Built on the energy-efficient Polygon network, KlimaDAO uses a stack of technologies to reduce market fragmentation and accelerate the delivery of climate finance to sustainability projects globally.

For more information about KlimaDAO and their carbon offsetting products, visit their website and Twitter.


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