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Labor is calling for Parliament to be recalled ahead of the increase in the energy price cap.

The opposition party has written to Boris Johnson, as well as Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, to ask MPs to return to Westminster on Monday in a bid to propose their plan to freeze the cap.

The price ceiling is set to go up at the end of this month, while The Storting will not return from summer vacation until September 5.

An estimate by Cornwall Insight predicts that the price ceiling will rise to more than £3,500, from just under £2,000, and is likely to remain so for a year. Inflation rose to 10.1% this week.

The letter, written by shadow leader of the house Thangam Debbonaire, says the country is facing an “urgent election”.

Debbonaire said: “Across the UK, people are having to make unthinkable choices about how to pay their bills, causing endless worry for households and businesses.

“That is why I am writing to you to urge you to bring Parliament back early on Monday 22 August so that we can freeze the energy price cap now ahead of winter.

“In seven days, Ofgem will announce the increase in the energy price cap.

“On the back of a rise in inflation to 10.1%, this will not only send households into a further spiral of worry, pushing them to cut even further ahead of winter. But it will create another shock to our economy. With companies and households on the brink, we cannot wait to act.

“Families deserve a government that is on their side and is ready to take the necessary action now to address the scale of this national emergency. I urge you to pass Workits plan and take action to freeze the price cap now.”

Labour’s plan to freeze the price cap for six months is estimated to cost around £30 billion.

None of Mr Johnson, Mrs Truss or Mr. Sunak has shown some inclination to support Labour’s measures.

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Johnson has tried not to disclose any major expenses before he leaves office.

A government spokesperson, responding to Labour’s call, said: “The government continues to focus on delivering for the public.

“While fiscal decisions for the coming months will be for the next Prime Minister, we continue to support people directly now with financial support as part of our existing £37 billion package which will continue to arrive in the weeks and months ahead to help people with the rising cost of living.

“This includes the second installment of £324 of the Vulnerable Household Living Cost Payment which will go into people’s bank accounts in the autumn, extra help for pensioners and disabled people, and the £400 discount on energy bills for all households this winter.”

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