It’s Only Money is a “lowlife simulator” that looks like an indie GTA Online with silly minigames

It’s just money (opens in a new tab) is an upcoming open-world lowlife simulator for 1-4 players that begins with an interesting premise: The new mayor of Rockhaven is looking to gentrify the town in a hurry, and to make it happen, he throws everyone who Do not do it. don’t fit his vision into a hole—a literal, giant hole.

The citizens of the Undercity, as it is more formally known, decide that they are not going to take this powerful underground eviction, so they band together to fight back – which in this case means starting fights, stealing things, destroying things and causing general mayhem wherever the opportunity presents itself. But it’s not just chaos without mercy: you can also buy up houses and businesses, cars and clothes, or whatever else you like, all with the long-term goal of taking down the mayor’s business lackeys.

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