Is TAMA the future of Meme coins? How do I buy it?

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the new memecoin on the block. Let’s break down this new coin and see if it has the potential to become the latest memecoin sensation.

Memecoins combines famous memes with a new crypto. The developers use the notoriety of the joke to gain influence and publicity for their new offering. This was the case with Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Although memecoins usually do not have the backing of a serious project behind them, they can achieve a high listing value or generate high profits in the market.

Now there’s a new meme coin on the block. Called Tamadoge, it positions itself as one of the most relevant new cryptocurrencies on the market.

Tamadog: What is it?

Tamadoge is a new cryptocurrency that wants to become the number one memecoin. The project seeks to combine the concepts of Metaverse and play-to-earn (P2E) games.


The cryptocurrency managed to raise more than $1.8 million in its presale, which was launched just under a month ago.

Why is it different from other memecoins?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies born from memes, Tamadoge had a project behind it at launch.

The project behind Tamadoge is the birth of TamaVerse, the metaverse where users can create, buy and interact with different pets.

How to buy Tamadog?

Users can find the cryptocurrency on the official Tamadoge website. How to buy it:

  1. Make sure you have a MetaMask wallet installed in your browser or use one of the wallets supported by Wallet Connect. Buying on a desktop browser will give you a smoother shopping experience.
  2. Click on “Connect Wallet” and select the appropriate option. For mobile wallet apps, select “Wallet Connect.”
  3. The consumer will have 3 options available.

Next step

Click Buy ETH with card. This option allows you to buy ETH sent to your wallet by Transak. You will then be able to use this ETH to buy TAMA. Click “Buy Eth with Card” to begin and follow the on-screen steps. You must purchase a minimum of USD 15 in ETH to cover the minimum TAMA purchase.

Buy TAMA with ETH. When you have enough ETH in your wallet (if you don’t have ETH or USDT, choose option 1 to buy ETH first), you can now exchange ETH for TAMA.

Enter the amount of TAMA you want to buy (minimum 1000) and then click “Convert ETH”. Your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and will also show you the gas fee.

To buy TAMA with USDT. Make sure you have at least $15 USDT in your wallet before starting the transaction. Enter the amount of TAMA you wish to buy (minimum 1000). Click “Convert USDT”. You will then be asked to approve the purchase TWICE. The first approval is for the USDT contract and the second is for the transaction amount. Make sure you go through both approval steps to complete the transaction.

Remember to place the correct Tamadoge address which is 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8.

Is Tamadog a good investment?

The interesting thing about the TAMA cryptocurrency is that it brings together two important ideas. It is the cultural idea of ​​the world of memecoins. And that is the seriousness of a reliable cryptocurrency – it has the support of a project focused on creating a metaverse along with the scheme of P2E games.

Investing in Tamadoge is a good option for those investors who love memes and Play-to-Earn game projects.

TAMA: Is it a good bet?

Any project or cryptocurrency that achieves a catch of more than $1m during the crypto winter should be considered an interesting project.

Undoubtedly, Tamadoge is a new effort in the cryptocurrency market, offering the user the best of both worlds of memes and serious projects.

Unlike other meme cryptocurrencies such as DOGE, TAMA will provide the user with a meme coin that will provide real value within the metaverse behind the cryptocurrency.

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