Instant foot coach EXPLODES in foul mouth when a player’s phone goes off while talking

Instant football coach EXPLODES in foul mouth when one of his players’ phone goes off during his motivational speech

  • West Footscray Roosters are winless in the Western Region Football League
  • Their coach, Adrian Spiteri, tried to get the team up and running during a recent break
  • One of the phones made the mistake of reaching for the phone during the call
  • He took one of the all time sprays you will see in footy for his actions

The senior men’s players of the West Footscray Roosters Football Club in Melbourne’s Western Region Football League recently received a spray for the ages from their coach Adrian Spiteri.

A video has emerged of Spiteri completely losing his cool when a player reached for his mobile phone during a speech in the sheds.

“Get the ball through the corridor, it’s very, very simple football today, isn’t it?” Spiteri began.

“Most of all, this is the West Footscray way.”

Then things got heated when a player at the back of the room grabbed his mobile phone.

‘Hi! Put down your phone! Spiteri roared.

“I’m not giving up! You focus on the damn game!

“Hard against the man, very hard against the ball. It’s that simple. That’s the West Footscray way.

The language came with the club without a win from 18 games and looking certain to be relegated.

It has been a long year for Spiteri

Coach Adrian Spiteri launches his spray at the player with the phone and is pictured right during a media interview for the West Footscray Roosters

For some fans, it took them back to their suburban footy days.

“I enjoyed watching West Footscray when I was … local. I understand why I didn’t bring the kids into the huddles during the 1/4 and 3/4 breaks, Charles Davis said.

Others made comparisons to the AFL and how the reaction would be different if a senior coach was caught delivering such a withering spray.

“If this was North Melbourne, more than half the players would quit on the spot,” Jase tweeted.

“And they would file papers alleging bullying, harassment and violations of basic human rights etc,” an anonymous account added.

“And get the coach fired,” Jase replied.

Others rudely defended the player who made the mistake of reaching for his device.

“Leave the guy alone – probably just checking the race results,” tweeted Scott Uppington.

Spiteri is a long-time Roosters assistant coach and has been thrust into the head coaching position after the club parted ways with Ian Fox in July.

The Roosters are likely to be relegated to Division Three in 2023.

However, there could be hope on the horizon with Western Region Football League premiership coach Troy Beamond appointed for the 2023 and 2024 seasons.

He coached the Wyndhamvale Falcons to a Division 2 premiership in 2015, beating the Roosters in the grand final.

“Troy comes to us with a proven record – fostering a culture of success, professionalism and youth development – his coaching experience will be an asset to the club as a whole,” the Roosters said in a statement.

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