Hollyoaks drama as Tony is tricked by Cindy’s stalker Eric

Hollyoaks spoilers to follow.

Hollyoaks‘ Eric Foster makes Tony Hutchinson eat out of the palm of his hand, despite being caught animating Cindy Cunningham online.

In tonight’s first sneak peek episode on E4, Tony grabbed his incel half-brother’s collar and demanded to know what the hell he had seen on Eric’s laptop.

Fumbling to explain, Cindy’s recent intruder returned with, “Tony, I stumbled onto that website, it was a complete accident…”


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“Website? I’m talking about that weird cartoon thing that was on your computer. 3D doll, it was called Cindy. What was that, Eric?” Tony asked before being interrupted.

Over at the house, while hosting a gathering, Eric wanted to clear the air with Tony.

“Look, don’t worry about it,” Tony told him. “What you get up to on the laptop is your own business. Just be nice to Cindy, okay? She’s been through a lot.”

But after spying an ideal opportunity, Tony sifted through Eric’s laptop and found an entire folder stacked with photos of Cindy.

hollyoak's tony hutchinson


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Off-screen, Eric claimed he was simply in love with Cindy and used her likeness for a dating site, which Tony revealed to the party soon after.

“He’s into you,” he informed a distraught Cindy. “He told me he was on this new dating site and it asked him to create an avatar of his dream woman – guess who he used for inspiration.

“He doesn’t want a gamer chick Cind, he wants you…”

How far will Eric take this dark obsession?

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