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Fallout 76 players are about to venture into new territory. In September, the Expeditions update takes players to a dangerous place outside of Appalachia: The Pitt!

Built on what remains of pre-war Pittsburgh, The Pitt is a rough place. The local Union faction is beset on all sides as bloodthirsty raiders and once-human Trog beasts close in, so grab your friends, pack your best gear and steel yourself… it’s time to go on an expedition.

Get up and go out

“Expedition missions are randomized and repeatable story-based missions on the scale of our most epic end-of-line missions, such as the Vault 79 raid at the end of Wastelanders,” explains Steve Massey, lead designer on Fallout 76’s expeditions. “We developed a new Quest Module system that allows us to easily randomize and re-theme quest objectives to make each quest playthrough feel truly unique and blend seamlessly into the overall quest story.”

Players can tackle missions either alone or in a group of up to four people – either with friends or using the new Expedition Public Teams feature included in the update. Players can earn a unique item plan once a week after completing an expedition, as well as collect stamps to claim specific items from the reward pool. Players can also earn repeatable rewards, including Legendary Items, Scrip, Treasury Notes, and even a brand new method of obtaining Legendary Modules.

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