Gainsight launches platform updates to increase customer success

Gainsight launches platform updates to increase customer success

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It’s no secret that prioritizing customer success is directly linked to business value. A recent survey by customer success software platform Gainsight backs this up, finding that churn reduction and product adoption were actually top priorities for over 80% of respondents.

In a move to allow companies to focus on product innovation, customer collaboration and management, Gainsight just released several AI-powered updates to its customer success (CS) technology platform at its annual Pulse 2022 conference, held this week in San Francisco.

Founded in 2009, Gainsight focuses on orchestrating customer-facing teams and data together into actionable dashboards and playbooks. The platform is designed to empower businesses to drive growth through net income retention and product adoption. The solution combines customer success, product experience and community software for a unified perspective on the customer journey, user experience (UX) and collaboration.

“Customer success is evolving from a single department’s responsibility to an enterprise-wide initiative,” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, executive vice president of product and design at Gainsight. “As a result, leaders in SaaS [software-as-a-service] companies are adopting new KPIs and frameworks that require multiple departments such as product management, sales, marketing, etc. to collaborate with customer success teams to deliver value and positive business outcomes for their customers.”


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A fully digital touch on customer collaboration

The new features Gainsight introduced are Nucleus and Nucleus Spaces, both of which are designed to allow businesses to engage with their customers at scale across a variety of resources that include community content, product documentation, succession planning and adoption trends.

“Nucleus and Nucleus Spaces are designed to bring together all customer content, product feedback/ideas and other customer-facing capabilities across Gainsight’s product lines (CS, PX, inSided) into a centralized customer-facing hub,” said Ovsynaikov. “With Nucleus, businesses will be able to digitally scale collaboration, education, support and effectively drive success across all stages of the customer journey.”

Customer-centric product innovation

With this release, Gainsight hopes to bring the voice of customers and customer communities closer to product management teams. Product Inquiries recognizes the overlap between Customer Success and Product teams when it comes to capturing customer inquiries that appear in both Gainsight 360 and Productboard. For example, this makes it easier for customer success teams to submit product requests to product management teams directly in Gainsight CS and to track the progress of these requests in a structured way.

AI-optimized customer management

Gainsight says it is harnessing the power of AI to optimize critical aspects of customer management at scale to increase adoption and minimize churn. Gainsight’s Journey Optimizer, Scorecard Optimizer, and Retention Optimizer—all powered by the company’s Horizon AI—help customers make sense of ever-increasing amounts of data, helping to find deeper insights into the customer journey. Specific features of the new offerings include the following:

  • Journey Optimize automatically suggests which steps to add to a customer journey.
  • Scorecard Optimizer improves the accuracy of a company’s existing health score model. It makes intelligent recommendations for scorecard changes – such as different weightings, new measures to include and thresholds – to improve the accuracy and predictive power of the scorecards.
  • Product teams can use Retention Optimizer to provide customers with a better product experience. The Horizon AI-enabled feature automatically identifies the stickiest features and surfaces opportunities to further improve user retention. With this, Gainsight says customers gain new product insights without spending time trying to discover them.

Along with the product announcements, Gainsight also released The Durable Growth Playbook, a framework focused on the six critical cross-departmental steps SaaS companies can take today to drive growth that withstands market headwinds.

By leveraging these best practices, Gainsight claims companies can better anticipate churn risk factors, drive greater product adoption, identify extensions and ultimately increase net revenue retention.

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