Fashion pioneer Rudi Gernreich’s 100th anniversary celebrated by designer Mona Thalheimer

LOS ANGELES, 16 August 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Known Los Angeles designer for women Mona Thalheimer will unveil a memorial scarf on August 22 dedicated to the famous 60s designer Rudi Gernreich. Gernreich, whose revolutionary avant-garde clothing and swimwear designs still resonate today, was born on August 8, 1922. He died in 1985.

“Rudi Gernreich had such an incredible influence on my career,” Thalheimer said. “Rudi was my inspiration when I started my career in the early 1970s and I feel compelled to celebrate his 100th anniversary in a way that I hope will make him proud.”

Thalheimer, the first and only deaf American fashion designer to own and produce her own eponymous clothing business, cites her earliest interactions with Gernreich in helping her become a fashion trailblazer. “Rudy taught me to believe who I want to be – and that a deaf person could design regardless of disability.”

Thalheimer’s design for the memorial scarf is based on Gernreich’s dedication to protecting human rights and freedoms, a message that resonates more now than ever after recent Supreme Court decisions. In addition to her many fashion awards, Gernreich was a founding member of the Mattachine Society in 1950.

Gernreich’s estate is managed by the ACLU of Southern Californiawho will profit from the sale of the scarf.

The scarf will be unveiled at a ceremony at August 22at The Gemini GEL Gallery i West Hollywood. The ceremony will include Mona Thalheimer and Minouche KandelSenior Staff Attorney, LGBTQ, Gender & Reproductive Justice Project, ACLU by Southern California

Questions and answers with Mona Thalheimer

Q: When did you first meet Rudi? How was that meeting?

ONE: I first met Rudi when I was 11 years old

Q As a deaf design student, what did Rudi tell you to continue to achieve your dream?

ONE: Rudi told me that I could become a designer and that my sense of sight enhanced by my hearing loss was an advantage.

Also, he told me that if I was going to be a designer, then I have to design for myself and what my vision is, not just the latest trend.

Question: Rudi died in 1985. Why is he still relevant today?

ONE: Rudi is relevant because everywhere you look, you see his influence – the bathing suits, the thong, the bold fear less colors.

Q: Are your designs influenced by Rudi?

ONE: Although my aesthetic is different from Rudi’s, it is what Rudi wanted as he always told me to be what I wanted and dreamed to be. I am here today because of mentors like Rudi.

Q: “You are what you decide to be” is a main theme of the scarf. What do you mean?

People will put you in a box. When they ask me who I am if I don’t say I’m deaf first, they’re surprised. I am the only person who can say how I define myself.

ONE: Rudi has always believed in everyone’s human potential. When I was a child, he valued my opinion on fashion and valued all people in fashion and in life.”

Q: How does it resonate in 2022?

ONE: Rudi always believed that everyone was somebody and their value as a person was defined by their energy, enthusiasm and most of all love.

Q: If you could say anything to Rudi today, what would it be?

ONE: Rudi, your designs, your values ​​are in season because of your heart and love people.

SOURCE Mona Thalheimer Designs

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