Ex-Bake Off contestant slams distracting hosts

Ex Baking competition contestant Dan Chambers has opened up about the hosts on the hit show and how distracting they could be while the contestants were competing.

In an interview with SubwayChambers – who was the first person to be eliminated when he appeared on the show in 2019 – said that while host Neil Fielding was very funny, some of the comments he made were so outrageous they were not aired on the show.

“A lot of the things he wanted to say didn’t make it because he just wanted to say whatever he wanted and maybe it wasn’t quite appropriate,” he said.

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He also added that along with Noel, former presenter Sandi Toksvig – who has since been replaced with Matt Lucas – was also very distracting.

“You think, ‘I don’t really have time to talk to you,’ and you have to say, ‘I have to get on with this,'” he said.

Meanwhile, have Great British Bake Off returned to our TV screens on Tuesday 13 September, with Noel and Matt returning as co-hosts and Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood returning to judge the new batch of bakers.

The first contestant to be eliminated from the show was Will, who failed to impress the judges with his baking skills.

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However, he left in high spirits, saying: “Of course I’m disappointed, but I’m proud to have made it.”

He also wrote a very heartfelt note after leaving the show, sharing how much he had experienced Baking competition meant for him.

“For me, Bake Off is something very special,” he wrote. “I feel it defines a modern vision of Britishness – a diverse, dynamic, friendly, creative, supportive and loving place brought together by a shared passion for baking,” he said.

– I feel so honored to be a part of it [passion],” he added.

The Great British Bake Off broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK. In the US it is known as The Great British baking show, and streams on Netflix. Bake Off: An Extra Slice, hosted by Tom Allen and Jo Brand, airs Fridays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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