End of marriage explained – What happened to Ian and Emma?

End of marriage explained – What happened to Ian and Emma?

Marriage spoilers ahead.

Ian and Emma’s complicated but simple lives are put under the spotlight for a fortnight in this four-part BBC special.

After 27 years together, what else is there to talk about? A whole lot in fact, especially when life keeps throwing curveballs at them.

So what really happened and what will the future hold?

Here’s everything that happened towards the end of the series.

What happened to Ian and Emma?

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While Ian and Emma certainly have their rows – about everything from chicken to jacket potatoes – their cemented relationship and nearly three decades of romance remain as tight as ever.

Ian is definitely in a difficult situation, after the death of his mother and the loss of his job. It leaves him feeling a bit lost and distant, but he is eventually able to channel his awkward positioning into the family, growing closer to Jessica as a result.

The death of the couple’s son, Nicholas, is definitely hanging over their heads, and it’s something that is clearly still difficult for them. When Jessica asks, Emma becomes distant and finally breaks down in tears as she continues.

Emma also struggles with her father, who needs consistent care and is not happy with it, accusing Emma of having someone else take care of him.

But with the pair willing to open up a bit more, Ian admits he’s in a tough spot and at the end of the series vows to work harder to get back on his feet.

What happened to Jamie?

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Emma’s sleazy boss Jamie (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) oozes mucus from every pore, and that’s something Ian especially didn’t appreciate. While during the series Emma tolerated Jamie’s snobbish and rude behavior with as much of a smile as she could muster, in reality she was about to scream.

But Ian sensed that Jamie wanted something more from her and became paranoid that he was losing his wife to this younger businessman. Knowing this, she hid the fact that she had finished an overnight conference in his hotel room.

Nothing happened, and Emma saw to it, but he made inappropriate comments and an indecent proposal to her, before offering her cocaine. Emma refused and later stormed out.

When she returned to the office, she chastised him for his cocaine use and behavior that night, which he dismissed as “acting like the boss in and out of the office”. She didn’t have it.

To make matters worse for him, Jamie is later confronted by a man named Dan, who goes to the office to say that his daughter, Emily O’Donnell, claims that he got her drunk and had sex with her while on job. She is only 17 and has broken down as a result, and considers it a disaster. In return, he had pranked her.

The question still hangs over what the disgruntled parent decided to do with him next.

What happened to Jessica?

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Throughout the first three episodes, we see Jessica struggling in a controlling relationship with her boyfriend Adam. But eventually, after meeting someone who appreciated her, her passion for music, and her general nature, she leaves him—much to the delight of her parents, who happily help her move out.

Jessica also managed to repair her relationship with Ian during the series. The pair always kept each other at arm’s length, not quite sure how to communicate, but they were finally able to bond when Ian gave her a letter he wrote the day she was adopted.

Finally able to bond, the pair share an emotional moment, and after moving back into the house, she encourages the family to be more open with each other. However, it backfires on her when she asks her parents’ thoughts about Adam, and they admit that they both hated him.

When he moves into a new house, the musician looks forward to a fresh start.

Marriage is now available on BBC iPlayer.

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