Cult of the Lamb: Best Weapons, Curses and Tarot Cards

Massive Monster’s Cult Of The Lamb is an adorable berserk addition to the roguelite genre and what it has become. It’s inherently Devolver that harvests the best bits of Enter The Gungeon, Stardew Valley and The Binding Of Isaac, and to everyone’s surprise, launches them all into a cult management sim. There are cute NPC followers, courtyards, graveyards, battle pits, brainwashing rituals and an evil fox in a cloak, all underpinned by an action-RPG battle system that’s deeper than meets the eye.

Cult Of The Lamb’s weapons are randomly offered, as are curses (i.e. magic spells) and tarot cards (i.e. modifiers) that add variety to the crusades and the quest to dethrone the four bishops. The first two are upgraded with Faith and a separate skill tree that unlocks different types (Godly, Vampiric) and status effects (Freeze, Poison) while tarot cards can be obtained through quests, bought from item shops and stacked with others mid-crusade. to create the best possible race. The RNG can be deafening as NPCs like Clauneck would rather let fate decide, but here are our picks for the best weapons, curses and tarot cards to use while away from your pack.