Cryptocurrencies expected to grow this quarter: Uniglo (GLO), Fan…

The cryptocurrency market has been in the red lately. But it may finally see a recovery soon, as Bitcoin and Ethereum work hard to drive momentum for the rest of the market. Investors may finally be in a position to pick the high-yielders from the low-yielders. However, according to analysts, the three cryptos they expect to see go green this quarter Uniglo (GLO), Fantom (FTM) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Massive growth with Uniglo (GLO)

Among our three choices, Uniglo is the youngest cryptocurrency. This decentralized finance (DeFi) project just started pre-sales on July 15. The new entry into the market is one of the reasons why Uniglo can generate massive growth for early adopters. The price of the GLO token rose by 25% in the first week and is projected to continue to grow exponentially in the coming weeks.

What exactly is Uniglo? It is a community-based vault with a multi-asset backed treasury designed to underpin the price of GLO. This treasury will buy a range of assets spanning digital currencies to tangible collectibles. Uniglo also implements a dual burn model to ensure the scarce supply of GLO tokens in the secondary market. This hyper-deflationary approach will drive value for GLO holders over the long term.

Get from Phantom (FTM)

Analysts also expect Fantom to grow this quarter. Fantom is a DeFi platform that facilitates multiple decentralized exchanges and yield farming protocols. It is considered for its scalability and is very popular among developers and users. Investors have opportunities for profit with Fantom’s investment sites, staking, short-term trading and yield farming. The developers at Fantom are constantly introducing upgrades and tools to improve the user experience and attract more users to their platform. As such, Fantom is considered one of the best return generators this year despite the general market downturn. Currently, the price of the FTM token is trading at $0.37.

Yield of Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Our third choice is Ethereum Classic, which is a blockchain-based distributed computing platform. With Ethereum finally moving to a Proof of Stake consensus, Ethereum Classic (which remains to have a Proof of Work consensus) is said to be one of the top crypto gem picks for August. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recommends that applications and projects that have become accustomed to a Proof of Work mechanism on Ethereum can always switch to Ethereum Classic. The recommendation comes despite Tron founder Justin Sun’s statement that a special Ethereum Proof of Work fork (EthereumPOW) should instead be developed.

The bottom line

The cryptocurrency market is at an eye-popping time right now. The bulls are still fighting to gain control of the market. And after a couple of months of losing to bears, they may finally be winning. Investors looking to take advantage of the impending bull run can do so with Uniglo (GLO), Fantom (FTM) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

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