Corrie’s Aadi Alahan and Kelly Neelan in wedding scam storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Aadi and Kelly have their eye on the prize of a luxury holiday in Coronation Street next week – but they’ll have to pretend they’re getting married if they want a chance to win it.

When some leaflets promoting a ‘Win a Dream Wedding’ competition are left at the bistro by Ellie from GazetteKelly is quick to jump at the opportunity and announces that she and Aadi plan to get hitched.

While Aadi is surprised by the news of his upcoming wedding, Kelly fills him in on the plan, and the couple both agree that the vacation is too good an opportunity to pass up.


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But as part of the qualifying process, Aadi and Kelly have to take part in a Mr & Mrs quiz which means they need to know each other like the back of their hand – and this means finding out some interesting details about each other.

Soon the conversation turns to sex, and the couple both share with each other that they have never had a sexual relationship. Things soon get hot and heavy between them after Aadi decides it’s the perfect moment to lean in for a kiss with Kelly.

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Later, Aadi Kelly gives her mother Sunita’s engagement ring, which she loves, and the pair head out to meet Ellie and try their luck at the quiz.

Unsurprisingly, the quiz doesn’t go well for the pair, and it’s clear to Ellie that they don’t know each other very well.

However, she believes they will be a good fit for what her readers will see after Aadi says he feels he and Kelly were meant to be together.

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Elsewhere, after passing the driving test, Aadi gets a gift from Dev – the keys to a car.

However, things go south when Asha sees Kelly with the engagement ring. However, Aadi later assures Asha that the ring is just for show and that it is all a ploy to win the holiday.

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However, Kelly has overheard and reacts badly – throws the ring back to Aadi and takes his car and drives off.

As Aadi follows on Asha’s old princess bike, he finds his car crashed into a bollard. Will Kelly make it?

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