Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell promises new romance for Faith

Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell promises new romance for Faith

Damage spoilers follow.

DamageKirsty Mitchell has teased a new romance for her character Faith Cadogan following the tragic death of her husband Lev.

According to Mitchell, the soap will explore what goes on inside Faith’s head after she spends a year hiding her feelings – and there could even be a love story on the horizon.

“Things are getting personal for Faith! We’re going to dive into what’s really going on in her head, and we’re going to see what’s affected her over the last year, where she’s at emotionally, and what she’s been covering up. And it might and maybe some romance for Faith too,” the actress shared Inside soap.

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During the interview, Mitchell said her highlight of the year has been Faith’s friendship with Stevie.

“I’ve loved the relationship between Faith and Stevie. I think it’s important to have that friendship between two very strong women,” she said of their bond.

“They are both very independent and different – ​​like chalk and cheese. I love working with Ellie [Lawless, who plays Stevie] she is also very funny and we laugh together.”

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When asked what she loves about playing Faith, Mitchell said, “What I love about her is that Faith is very gentle and sweet and together, but she’s fierce. It’s been great to explore Faith more and slowly reveal her imperfection. Faith is also very protective of her children because of everything they’ve been through.”

In recent episodes, Faith’s daughter Natalia’s life was spared by Ollie Hide during the school shooting.

Natalia’s on-screen mother told the publication that she loves working with the actors who play her children and that Zoe Brough, who plays Natalia, is “one to watch out for”.

Damage broadcast on Saturdays on BBC One and streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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