Billie Eilish decided to assess her fashion over the years and her thoughts range from ‘no regrets’ to ’embarrassing’

A particularly fun part of growing up is playing with how you present yourself to the world, whether it’s through one’s hair, clothes, and other forms of expression. While fans have watched Billie Eilish grow up in front of the spotlight, we’ve witnessed it No time to die singer’s development as a fashion-forward artist. In front of Eilish on her way to the Asia leg of her Happier than ever world tour, the young icon took a trip down memory lane to assess her bold looks over time.

Off the heels of releasing two new songs (a referencing both Roe V. Wade and the Depp/Heard drama), Billie Eilish took to her Instagram stories to review past posts she shared with her followers throughout her career. (Total 14). We’ll start with some of Billie’s favorites and gradually get to the looks she wasn’t so fond of. First, fans will remember this one. During 2018’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival, things went baggier than usual with this look.

“OK, I don’t need to explain this one to anyone. I was me and this is what I wanted to wear, OK? 10/10 for having no regrets.”

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