Alexandra Daddario flaunts toned abs in New York Fashion Week photos

Alexandra Daddario flaunts toned abs in New York Fashion Week photos

  • Alexandra Daddario just rocked a New York Fashion Week show in a chic outfit that showed off her ultra-toned core.
  • The actress, 36, is a big fan of yoga and acupuncture, and fits in strength training sessions with her trainer, Patrick Murphy.
  • Alexandra also loves to cook at home when she can.

In case you missed it, fashionistas everywhere just finished celebrating this year’s New York Fashion Week, and naturally, celebrities brought their fashion A-game to the festivities. That list included Alexandra Daddario, who recently hit the Michael Kors fashion show in the coolest outfit.

The 36-year-old The white lotus The actress posted two photos on Instagram of herself working a pin-striped suit and one-strap bra top at the show. Alexandra accessorized the look with a chic black belt and toned AF stomach.

“What a beautiful show!” she wrote in the caption. People were all over the look in the comments section. “Amazing,” one said, while another chimed in: “Your outfit is DOPE🔥🥵❤️❤️🙏.” A third wrote what everyone is thinking: “Queen👑👑👑.”

Here’s a full breakdown of the chiseled bellies, by the way:

alexandra daddario new york fashion week 2022

Alexandra Daddario at New York Fashion Week 2022.

Raymond Hall//Getty Images

Of course, Alexandra works very hard to stay strong, healthy and balanced. She’s big into yoga, and posted a video in March of herself expertly pulling off the perfect downward dog:

But Alexandra also combines that yoga with some serious strength training, thanks to celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy, who she’s been working with since 2015. Murphy dropped an Instagram video in 2018 of Alexandra doing a row of single-leg deadlifts like it’s NBD, and pointed out that moving works the glutes, hamstrings, core and arms. (He also cutely called her the “coolest ever.”)

Murphy and Alexandra have even teamed up to create a 35-minute workout at home that requires no special tools. Looks like it’s time to get one of your own Baywatch the routine goes!

“She puts in the work and never looks for shortcuts,” Murphy shared Women’s health for Alexandra’s October 2022 cover story.

And when she can, Alexandra likes to be active outside, swimming in the sea or walking on a path. “I’ve found that my body heals faster and responds better if I’m in tune with myself and can be in nature,” she shared WH.

Of course, recouping is an important part of fitness. Alexandra told WH that she is “obsessed” with acupuncture, and that she has used the ancient practice to help with joint pain and stiffness, as well as to help her sleep and stress levels.

On the food front, Alexandra starts the day with coffee, followed by a breakfast of yoghurt and fruit or egg whites with spinach and toast. Lunch is usually a turkey sandwich with cheese, mustard and mayo, and she wraps up her nightly meal with a bowl of pasta. Alexandra also loves to cook at home, and that usually means cooking steak and fresh vegetables or a hearty soup.

Yum! Crush it, Alex.

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