a must-have in any season for all men

a must-have in any season for all men

It is true that a person’s attire will reflect their background; a man always needs the right clothes to enhance his personality. And when it comes to outerwear for men, a trench coat is always a must-have. Trench coats are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Originally designed for British soldiers during World War I, trench coats became popular in society as soldiers continued to wear them after they returned home.

The modern trench coat has been improved and stylized, but it retains its own characteristics: functional, fashionable and masculine. Yvette LIBBY will discuss the popularity of trench coats for men and why these outerwear seem to ‘adapt’ well to any season all year round in this article.

When is a trench coat appropriate?

The trench coat is one of the most versatile garments; you can use it all year round, in any situation and anywhere. It’s sophisticated and fashionable enough to wear over workout clothes as well as formal suits. It’s also meant to be simple enough that you can wear it with casual clothes.

You can wear a trench coat all year round as long as you layer appropriately underneath to avoid getting too hot or cold.

Work trench coats in neutral colors such as black, grey, beige or khaki are easy to match with your work clothes. When you wear different tones but the same shades of one color, you can achieve a stylish monochrome look. If you don’t like monochrome, there are always other options. For example, a khaki trench coat can be worn with a white shirt and black trousers, or a beige trench coat can be worn with a cream shirt and navy slacks.

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Trench coats are also ideal for going out at night or spending the weekend away. Choose a comfortable outfit and style it with a trench coat – whether it’s a t-shirt with jeans and boots or a sweater or hoodie with jeans and sneakers – trench coats go with everything.

Trenchcoats for different body types

Trench coats are flattering on a wide range of body types. Tall people should wear clothes that are longer than the knee. Shorter men should look for trench coats that reach mid-thigh or higher, flatter the shape and have a simple design. Prioritize light fabrics in neutral tones and simple styles for an oversized body. Trenchcoats with solid materials and a loose fit are a good choice for thin people. Medium trench coats (around knee length) are the most common, as they suit most body types.

If you are looking for an outerwear model that suits a variety of body shapes, then “MILITANT SPRUCE” will be the ideal choice.

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The good news is that most trench coat styles come with a belt. As a result, you can adjust the trench coat to fit your body using the belt.

In transitional seasons

Trench coats are usually quite large and lightweight, making them ideal for layering. Depending on the material and what you wear underneath, you can wear a trench coat all year round. Cotton or silk are the best fabrics for warm weather. Wool or felt are good materials to keep you warm when the weather is colder. Wear a trench coat with lighter layers underneath in transitional seasons such as autumn and spring.

The trench coat is actually a raincoat; it was originally designed as such. They have the ability to be waterproof, warm and wind resistant. Some trench coats include removable wool linings that can be worn inside for extra warmth and removed in warmer weather.

What do you think of a trench coat style raincoat for men? “LONG ISLAND ROUGE” will be the answer to your satisfaction.

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Can I wear a trench coat in winter?

Trench coats can be worn in the winter, especially if you live in a mild or warm climate. If you choose the right materials and wear appropriate layers underneath, a trench coat will keep you warm. Wool and leather are usually warmer than other materials. However, leather is not a good choice for people who prefer a green lifestyle. Instead, choose trench coats made of synthetic leather or goose down material (such as men’s goose down from Yvette LIBBY).

Trenchcoats that are long and water-resistant will protect you better from rain and snow than other coats. Layers or a chunky sweater paired with jeans is an excellent choice. To keep warm, add accessories like hats and scarves.

Is it appropriate to wear a trench coat in the summer?

Trench coats are especially popular in the colder months of the year, such as winter. However, you can still wear the trench coat in the summer. You should be able to wear the trench coat throughout the summer as long as it is light and the clothes underneath are light and thin so you don’t overheat. Trench coats go with everything: chinos, shirts, T-shirts, jeans… the styles you can try out are endless!

The trench coat “DORAEMON”, with its unique design suitable for any occasion and made of Supima cotton and silk, will be a highlight for you on any spring-summer occasion.

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